Multi Approval Process on Team

Request, track, approval and manage the requested. Easy to use, configuration and very flexible

The Multi Approval Process LTAPPs is an extension of the Multi Approval Process on MS Team. It supports the organization create a lot of approval systems without coding. It allows create unlimited approval systems, unlimited workflows, change anything in the system for consistent with your organization. End users easy to create & manage the request. It provides all information to help the manager makes the approval. All data of the add-in saves on your SharePoint site. Very easy to use, configuration.

Currently the add-in has 4 default approval systems

  • Recruitment Request: Finding and hiring the best and most qualified candidate for a job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Overtime Request: Supports users to request overtime in the organization
  • Travel Request: Handling of the request and approval process of business trips
  • Help Desk Request: Resolve end-user issues efficiently by simply automating complaint

Key Features of the add-in:

  • Define unlimited approval process.
  • Ability approve multi requests at the same time.
  • Allow to request, approve, reject & cancel the request.
  • Allow automatic set the approver(manager) when creating the request.
  • Allow to add attachment files to the request.
  • Create unlimited stages of the workflow.
  • Track information process of the workflow.
  • The administration (or admin) can delete/cancel the request.
  • Allows change the date time format.
  • Automatic e-mail notifications of requests, approvals and rejections.
  • Customize the navigation. Allows restrict users who can see report, setting, ... pages.
  • Design a custom request form for consistent with your organization. Allows add, edit, delete any custom field in the form.
  • Edit the e-mail template for e-mail notifications.
  • Define the custom report. You can define your report that you want: filter, fields display,....
  • Export to Word, Excel, print data.

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