SharePoint Add-In retirement in Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 solutions will be retiring the SharePoint Add-In extensibility model. Please refer to this link for full announcements from Microsoft


The add-ins


Microsoft strives to deliver utmost value to our customers through modern, optimized, secure solutions in this newly evolved world focused on digital transformation. As part of this evolution of Microsoft 365 solutions we will be retiring the SharePoint Add-In extensibility model and believe Microsoft 365 customers will be better served by modern SharePoint extensibility models.

In parallel with the SharePoint Add-In retirement, adding, updating and acquiring SharePoint Add-Ins via the public marketplace (a.k.a. store) will also be retiring. As of March 1st, 2024 Microsoft will not accept new SharePoint Add-Ins for listing in the public marketplace, from July 1st, 2024 SharePoint Add-Ins cannot be acquired anymore from the public marketplace. Using a tenant app catalog will stay supported and enables 3rd parties to offer their SharePoint Add-Ins until April 2nd, 2026 .

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