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Easy to use & configuration

Fresh layout, easy to use & configurations. Don't need to know coding to set up the aplication


Ability access the applications throught platforms such as Microsoft Team, Outlook & SharePoint

Manage & tracking

Easy to manage & tracking the approval process. Ability tracking request by month, year & export to Excel file


All data & configurations store at your SharePoint site. All data protects by Microsoft & the add-in doesn't collect any your data


We provided solutions to build applications without coding & allow access through multi platforms such as Microsoft Team, Outlook & SharePoint

Easy to set up an application without coding

Ability define Leave Request, Overtime Request, Travel Request, Help Desk Request applications & more ...

  • Define unlimited approval process.
  • Define unlimited steps of the workflow.
  • Track information process of the workflow.


Ability send the email when approving/rejecting the request

  • Automatic e-mail notifications of requests, approvals and rejections.
  • Ability define the email templates.
  • Allow set up CCs in the email.

Access through multi platforms

Ability access through multi platforms of O365 & devices

  • Microsoft Team
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Mobile
  • Tablet

Easy to manage & tracking

Allow the end-user check the request that based on their role

  • Employee: Ability check the status, info of the request that they requested
  • Manager: Ability see task that they need to do & see all requests of employees
  • Human Resource: Ability see all requests of employees. See the report,...


O365 add-ins

We provided O365 add-ins in Microsoft Store

Customize O365 Add-Ins

We'd like to customize our add-in that will follow your requirements. We can build up the add-in to meet your target.

O365 Development

Design, development, integration, migration, maintenance, and other services to drive e-cooperation with customers, partners, vendors, and community members.

Dynamic CRM, Project Server & Others

We offer full-cycle development services for Dynamic CRM, Website..


HR Manager

This app came really handy, I lead HR in a 80-100 people organization and we needed a tool for requesting leaves. We tried the template one that comes with PowerApps and StaffHub but none of them were as friendly and easy to set up as this one. We have deployed it in every country and so far it's been working great. Thank you LT!

Joaquin Migliore

Great and Useful App!

It is very useful application especially for small and medium company, easy to use and customize, and save us a lot of paperwork and time to manage leave application for staffs. Thanks.

Jason Hew

Great Application

This Application has been very helpful to my organization, just some few challenges on workflow but am sure can be sorted within time. Bravo

Abraham Nyahucho

Leave Request Pro

This app is very good and helpful, the developer should keep the good work going on. Thank you.

Adeleke Okembe

IT Supervisor

this is a very good app. easy to use, easy to customize.

Howard Huang

Lovely App

Currently implementing this in my organisation and it's a nice app. Apart from the fact that you can't import multiple users and have multiple workflows, the app does leave management seamlessly.

Nick Harrison

Yet to implment

But tests so far seem to have been successful- user experience is good; simple, yet effective, however can't help but feel that it could be made easier for those creating and adapting to meet the companies need- however it could be argued, as HR Manager, that it wouldn't typically be my role to do this, more of an IT professional! Response times to questions via email was really quick, which i pleasantly surprised about and easily followed their instructions

Sophie Cloake

Good leave request app on SharePoint

IT has most important features ready and very easy to deploy.

Athikom Kanchanavibhu



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