LTAPPS Timesheet

It is a time tracking app that works with SharePoint & Microsoft Teams

LTAPPS Timesheet is a time-tracking app that works with SharePoint & Microsoft Teams(Including mobile). The app offers a solution to allow you to track your work time. The app helps you track & manage how much time you/your employee spend on projects. The employee/manager is able to easily track the regular work hours, overtime, or absences
The app allows to export of employee's timesheets to an excel file with exactly the day/hour employees spend

Key Features of the add-in:

  • Submit/manage/track the timesheet
  • Define unlimited level steps to approve the timesheet. Easily to set the approver's step, able to set the approver is/are a person, multi persons, or a SharePoint group. And allows fork the process by conditions
  • Customizable the timesheet's form. Able to add/edit/delete fields in the timesheet's form & set to show/hide fields based on the step
  • Allows adjusting the timesheet if it is already done
  • Allows tracking of the hours that employees spend on projects
  • Delegate task feature
  • Overtime, Absences, Rating features
  • Datetime format feature
  • Automatic the e-mail notification of approve/reject or delegate
  • Allows the manager submits on behalf of the employee
  • Ability to send an email to remind the employee who missed submitting the timesheet
  • Absences balance management feature & fiscal year for absences
  • Multi-reports to show the exact time by month, week, employees, departments or projects & allow export them to excel files
  • Allows attaching files when submitting the timesheet.
  • Ability to edit the notification email template
  • Allows integration of the app with other products of Microsoft
  • Translation feature
  • Modern view & support the mobile devices

The technical of the app that based on the SharePoint Framework app of Microsoft. All components are deployed and hosted inside of your SharePoint where the app is installed. It doesn't have any custom service to collect any personal information, or anything related to your device when you use any of our apps. We do not connect to any third parties or web services and we do not and will not share any information about you or your use of the app without your written consent.

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